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Sybil Andrews has my heart

"It all grew just as a tree grows - leaf by leaf, branch by branch.

And a tree takes a lifetime in its growing."

~Sybil Andrews

We were lucky enough to take in the highly recommended Sybil Andrews exhibit last weekend. I have been exploring printmaking lately and thought it would be neat to take in for that reason alone. However, lucky for me I have a patient family, because it took me an hour and a half to take in this incredible woman's work. I was far more inspired by Sybil Andrews then I expected...

Having pulled only a few prints myself, I know how much work goes into designing and cutting a piece of linoleum, let alone the skill required to pull a successful print (I'm still working on that one). However, the skill to do multiple colours in linocut printmaking is other level and wow did Sybil Andrews master it! The way that she captured lines and patterns left me standing in front of pieces for long periods of time, despite the fact that the industrial subject matter would not normally even pique my interest.

The double life she led, as a welder and an artist and how she melded the two together was fascinating. I absolutely loved how she pulled the images from her everyday life into the bold designs and patterns she used in her artwork.

And maybe because I also have trouble being loyal to just one medium, I admired her willingness and ability to work in drawing mediums, oils, watercolour, linocut and woodcut. Sometimes as an artist it's important to see a little piece of yourself in someone you admire.

Watching the video interviewing Sybil as part of the exhibition was a key part of the experience for me. Her no nonsense approach and unapologetic way of delivering her opinions on her life and her art strengthened the admiration I felt for her and her work. She really did have to persevere to pursue her passion and was able to pass along that passion to her art students.

We always truly enjoy our time at the Glenbow Museum, particularly in the creation studio, but this particular visit was really special to me for an additional reason. My five year old, who has been taking a bigger interest in art recently (particularly when he is my assistant when I teach preschool art classes in the morning before he goes to school) stuck by my side and took in the exhibit for an entire hour with such a keen interest that my Mother/Artist heart couldn't help my grow a few sizes.

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