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I am a Calgary-based artist with a seasonal approach. In the summer I can be found adventuring in the outdoors with my family and a backpack full of sketchbooks, pens and watercolours. These sketches become a treasury of the beautiful memories of time spent canoeing, hiking and camping across Western Canada and the United States of America.

In the colder months, I spend time in the studio creating eclectic mixed media pieces on board, which build upon the fine art skills and more abstract components I have gained by attending classes and various types of workshops. Many of my pieces blend realism with abstract and mark making components. I also enjoy teaching art and have created workshops for all ages that allow me to share my love of making and learning about art with people of all ages.

My inspiration comes from time spent in the natural world and my work ranges from landscapes to portraits of the bugs, birds and found objects I admire. I often post sneak peeks of inspiration, current projects and what I'm teaching on Instagram (@TSimieritsch).  

My work can be found in homes across Canada, the USA and Europe.

Contact me to learn more, buy one of the pieces from my gallery or to commission a special work of art.


You can also find some of my art in this fine gallery:

Leighton Art Centre

282027 144 Street West
Foothills, Alberta

T1S 0Y4

Feature Exhibits


2020 Woolf's Voices #27, Shelf Life Books, Calgary, AB

2019 Christmas in the Country, Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, AB

2019 Emerging Artists Showcase, Pinebrook Golf and Country Club, AB

2019 Clothesline Festival and Art Sale, Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, AB

2018 Christmas in the Country, Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, AB

2018 Annual Juried Member's Show, Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, AB

2017 Hughes Fine Art Fall Group Art Show, Calgary, AB

2017 Christmas in the Country, Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, AB

2017 Hughes Fine Art Spring Group Art Show, Calgary, AB


February 2020 Calgary Guardian "A Day in the Life of Nature Artist Terra Simieritsch"



"I have known Terra Simieritsch over the course of almost two decades as a respected environmental expert and as someone with a profound appreciation for the wild spaces and species of Alberta. Only recently have I come to know her as a skilled and highly original visual artist. Terra's art is firmly rooted in her formal and informal studies and her lifelong immersion in nature. She starts with the familiar: animals, plants, and natural objects so common they often go unnoticed, but she infuses them with colours and textures that we may only have envisioned as children in stories or dreams. To my mind this synthesis of realism and unbound creativity results in artwork that simply radiates with emotion and personal meaning. Terra's paintings remind me that there is far more in nature than meets the human eye, and that our appreciation of wild things is incomplete without imagination, respect, and love."

~Dave Mussell

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